​Directional Drilling: Industry experts

Ensign is a leader in the horizontal and directional drilling industry with a commitment to unparalleled service and technological innovation. We are problem solvers. We drill deep, complex and challenging wells.

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Our directional drillers are drillers—experienced, hands-on crews operating our purpose-built, industry-leading rigs with complete control over the direction of the drill bit.

With Ensign, our customers benefit from experience, expertise and technology advantage.
  • Over 300 drilling rigs 
  • Over 100 proprietary Automated Drill Rigs (ADR®); ADR®s are fast, safe and flexible—ideal for large resource plays
  • Well-trained, rig-smart directional teams with the experience and know-how to deliver results
  • Strong safety focus and safety record

Seamless offering

1) Analysis

Our expert team studies the proposed program and discusses it with the customer to gain a thorough understanding of the objectives and expectations for the operation.

2) Planning

Once environment and operational variables are studied, our operations experts develop a detailed and exhaustive operational plan that is shared with the customer.

3) Operation

Now it's time to exceed expectations. Operational plans are implemented by experienced field technicians. Constant interface with the customer, rig operators and field veterans helps ensure operational success.

4) Review

The job is not over until performance results are scrutinized against a series of in-house metrics and historical data. Recommendations for future programs are shared with the customer.

Ensign’s customers benefit from the synergy and efficiencies that result when both directional and rig services are provided in one seamless offering. And we ‘right size’ our crews for each specific application, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety. This saves you time and money, and provides a peace of mind our competitors simply can’t provide.

A Broad Range of Services

We bring our high-level expertise to each directional project, and we ensure equipment reliability from surface to TD.

  • Remote computer-based monitoring capability and skilled crews
  • Well plans developed in-house using the latest directional software
  • Well planning includes anti-collision, torque and drag analysis, multi-leg wells, high density pad design, and pad design optimization 
  • Downhole Measurement While Drilling (MWD) and high performance motors are matched to specific applications, well design, and rig capabilities
  • State-of-the-art Electromagnetic (EM) and mud pulse MWD technology with gamma modules including Inclination and Azimuthal Gamma at Bit Measurements
  • Conventional directional and horizontal drilling
  • Multi-well pad drilling projects
  • Underbalanced directional and horizontal drilling 
  • Slim-hole re-entry services
  • Short-radius drilling applications
  • Well monitoring
  • Performance motors