​Well Servicing: Consistent, Effective, Safe

For more than 25 years, our customers have relied on Ensign for professional oil, gas and thermal well servicing. They know they can trust us to deliver - consistently, effectively and safely.

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Innovative Technology

Ensign was the first to develop slant rigs for heavy oil areas and we continue to improve this technology. These rigs have many special applications, and can change from slant to vertical mode when required.

Skilled Crews

Our crews are highly trained and have extensive experience working in the most challenging well servicing jobs. We work efficiently to the highest international safety standards.

Minimized Footprint

Ensign provides engineered, free-standing rigs for applications requiring minimal ground disturbance to reduce environmental impact.

Well Service Features

  • Well completions and re-completions
  • Abandonment of redundant wells
  • Production workovers
  • Servicing of downhole pumps / replacement of downhole components or tubulars
  • Sidetracking and deepening of wells
  • Fishing and swabbing operations
  • Corod injectors to handle continuous rod

Well Service Fleet

  • Modern fleet of over 100 well service rigs worldwide
  • Fast-moving, versatile rigs
  • Slant freestanding rigs
  • Freestanding singles
  • Mobile doubles, including freestanding
  • Medium/heavy doubles
  • Mobile rigs for medium-depth applications (up to 3,400 metres), suited to work that necessitates frequent moves and jobs of short duration
  • Skids suited to depths of up to 4,200 metres. Ideally suited to longer jobs requiring catwalks, pipe racks, Class III well-control equipment, and larger pumps/tanks.

ASR™150: Ensign’s Breakthrough Automated Service Rig

Ensign offers its newest breakthrough in well servicing -  the ASR™150 Automated Service Rig. Our customers asked for an automated service rig for multi-well programs. Requiring a rig for large diameter tubulars and BOPs. We used our decades of experience – to deliver both.

ADR 1500S

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Ergonomic and Integrated

The fully automated ASR™150 eliminates all manual manipulation of tubulars from the pipe rack to make-up of a connection.

Safety with Every Connection

The ASR™150 reduces the need for rig personnel on the work floor.

Purpose-Built for Industry

The ASR™150 is designed and purpose-built to meet the demands of well pad projects and SAGD programs.

Faster and Easier Moves

Ensign’s engineered solution makes for fast and efficient moves between wells.