Service Rigs

Ensign provides engineered, free- standing rigs for applications requiring minimal ground disturbance to reduce environmental impact. The risk of contact with buried cables is eliminated. A further benefit is the elimination of planning for an additional service and, of course, the attendant cost savings by not requiring anchoring services.

Our wholly owned Ensign Well Servicing Partnership in Canada was the first to develop slant rigs for heavy oil areas and has continued to improve this technology. These rigs were designed for a special application, but can change to vertical mode if required.

Our versatility plus our experienced personnel qualify Ensign as the leader in the slant service rig market.


We have a number of these rigs for medium-depth applications (up to 3,400 metres). They are best suited to work that necessitates frequent moves and jobs of short duration.



We provide this heavier equipment for jobs to depths of up to 4,200 metres. They are ideally suited to longer jobs requiring catwalks, pipe racks, class III well- control equipment, and larger pumps / tanks.