​Rental Equipment

We offer a wide range of oilfield equipment rentals to our customers in Canada and the United States.


Our subsidiary Chandel Equipment Rentals has locations strategically located throughout the three western Canadian provinces.

Chandel’s product mix is designed around the drilling and completions components of the Canadian oil field industry. We offer an expanding inventory of drill strings, loaders, tanks, pumps, rig matting and blow-out preventers.

Our inventory includes:

  • Blow-out preventers (B.O.P.)

  • Heavyweight and regular drill pipe

  • Surface storage, floc tanks, and premix, auger and an assortment of other tanks for various applications

  • Pumps

  • Light towers (6 KW to 20 KW with generators)

  • Invert tank farm applications

  • Vac tanks (skidded)

  • Light plants

  • Rig matts

  • Flare tanks

  • Centrifuge bins

  • Diverter skids


United States

Our Rocky Mountain Oilfield Rentals and West Coast Oilfield Rentals divisions provide ancillary equipment used in drilling operations.

Our inventory includes:

  • B.O.P.

  • Heavyweight drill pipe

  • Mud motors

  • Mud cleaning equipment

  • Drill collars

  • Top drives

  • Rotating heads

  • Gas busters

  • Iron roughnecks

  • Hydraulic chokes

  • Forklifts

  • Loaders

Health, Safety & the Environment

Safety—for our employees, our contractors and our customers —is our top priority, and it is our ongoing goal to achieve year-over-year improvement in safety performance and zero accidents and zero injuries through our Driving to Zero safety program.